suu balm ireland

Sensitive skin conditions plague many people with symptoms of dryness and itching. Rich moisturisers will repair and protect the skin barrier, but few are specifically designed to tackle itch quickly. Topical itch relief ointments don’t  typically offer hydration benefits and may cause irritation or allergic reactions while steroid creams made to treat skin conditions are not meant for long-term use and relieve itch only slowly and may cause side effects.

The solution: Suu Balm, Ireland’s very first, fast itch relieving moisturizing cream. Formulated by Irish doctor, Dr. John O’Shea and Singapore National Skin Centre’s consultant dermatologist Dr. Tey Hong Liang. Suu Balm was released in Singapore in 2015. Its magic lies in a combination of menthol to reduce itch intensity by up to 80% and ceramides, which effectively reduce water loss through the skin. In fact, Suu Balm contains one of the highest levels of ceramides to be found in mass market moisturisers. Refreshing and lightweight, Suu Balm is a must-have in every household for not just sensitive skin flare-ups, but a range of problem skin issues. Available now in a 75ml tube for €14.95 and in a 350ml pump for €29.95. Suu Balm retails in pharmacies throughout Ireland. See for places you can buy Suu Balm.

Suu Balm is now in UK.