None of us likes to confess to itching but more people than we know have to deal with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, and the associated dryness and itch.

Moisturisers can help, but few will tackle the itch quickly, and so you keep on scratching and damaging your skin.

The answer is Suu Balm, a new fast itch relieving moisturising cream. It has been developed by an Irishman, Dr John O’Shea, in Singapore, in association with a local dermatologist, and it contains no harmful parabens or other toxic or allergenic ingredients.

Suu Balm contains three percent menthol, the optimum for itch relief without irritation. Tests have shown that it stops itch within five minutes in nine out of ten people.

One of our readers has tried it on her eczema and says it has worked very well. It is recommended for sufferers from eczema and psoriasis, to prevent dry skin during travels or in the office, to reduce heat and redness after sports, to soothe insect bites and to prevent or reduce age-related dry skin.

Suu Balm is available from pharmacies RRP €14.95 for a 75ml tube and €29.95 for a 350ml pump.

Suu Balm is now in UK.